The objectives of the Undergraduate Philosophy Department center on intellectual content and skills becoming part of the student's life and character:

  1. Development of the habit of reflective and evaluative thinking
  2. Growth in the ability to read and understand philosophic literature and to write well about this material
  3. Gaining an acquaintance with the intellectual tradition of the West
  4. Acquiring the ability to apply philosophical concepts to life's problems
  5. Making serious progress in formulating one's own world and life view
  6. Advancing towards full intellectual and personal integration of academic studies with Christian teaching.

What will I study?

The Undergraduate Philosophy Department seeks to promote a community of Christian scholars dedicated to progress in the love of wisdom in both its theoretical and its practical aspects.

Degree Requirement


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For more information, check out this department's website:

Philosophy Department Website

Interesting classes I might take

  • Greek and Roman Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Epistemology
  • Metaphysics

What can I do with a degree in Philosophy?

  • Author
  • Professor
  • Pastor

Why choose Philosophy at Biola?

The Philosophy Department stresses that students have a clear understanding regarding where the central ideas of Christian and competing worldviews came from and that students have the ability to understand and effectively use intellectual argumentation. The department also stresses the development of a Christian worldview and an appreciation for Christian intellectual gifts to the humanities and sciences. Additionally, the Philosophy Department values the integration of faith and learning and the inclination toward and freedom to participate fully as Christians in our secular culture.

"I have absolutely loved my experience in the philosophy department. Learning how to analyze and create concise arguments, articulate ideas well, craft good writing and think both theoretically and practically are valuable skills taught in philosophy that are practical for all of life. I have appreciated the professors deep commitment to the Way of Jesus and learning how to better follow him. There is a strong community in the major and a desire to learn wisdom, how to live well, and how to follow Jesus and love him with all of our mind."

- Abigail Arnold

What are BU Philosophy graduates doing now?

Biola graduates from the Philosophy major have gone on to study at some of the most prestigious programs in the academic world, including:

Rutgers, Princeton, UCLA, Yale Divinity School, Loyola University, Talbot School of Theology, Oxford, Fordham, Notre Dame, University of Colorado Boulder, University of St. Louis, University of California Riverside, University of Washington, Texas Tech, University of Southern California.

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