Physical Science

The physical science major is an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes physics, chemistry and mathematics. In it we seek to provide students with an understanding of the basic laws and theories of the physical world as well as teach the basic skills for work in industry, government and education and for graduate level professional programs. In the larger context, the mission of the Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Department at Biola University is to train and mentor students to become skilled scientists, engineers, and educators in the physical sciences, who will glorify God, serve others and be good stewards of His creation. Further, we strive to serve as a resource for science education and science-faith integration to the greater Biola community.

What will I study?

This program is built around a core curriculum in physics, chemistry and mathematics. For a listing of the specific courses required within the various concentrations of the physical science major, please see the Degree Requirement Sheets. These charts specify all the courses and the recommended sequences required for the concentrations within majors. Please note that some programs have courses that overlap with the physical science major which you also might be considering. These programs include engineering physics, biochemistry, mathematics and computer science. Beginning in any of these programs you could switch to another after the first year without any or little loss of time. However if you are interested in physics or engineering physics it is of utmost importance you begin your physics and calculus sequences in your freshman year. As with most programs in the sciences courses are designed to be sequential (i.e. have prerequisites) and are typically offered only once a year so good planning is necessary. In this regard every first year student enrolls in First Year Seminar and is assigned an advisor who will help you with this planning.

Most all of our courses included a laboratory experience that will reinforce lecture theory as well as provide you with technical hands-on skills. We believe that in order to learn science you must do science so along with a strong laboratory experience, so we encourage internships and research experiences usually done during the summer months. Most of these internships come with a salary or stipend.

Admissions Requirements

You will be required to take a Chemistry and/or Physics Placement exam.

Go Deeper

For more information, check out this department's website:

Physical Science Department Website

Interesting classes I might take

  • Advanced Calculus
  • Classical Mechanics
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Thermodynamics

Why choose Physical Science at Biola?

  • Integrate biblical training and Christian perspective with science
  • Small class sizes will enable you to benefit from professors who have the time to individualize programs and meet specific needs
  • The opportunity for student employment and internship in local industry
  • Summer mission projects that allow students to use their technical skills
  • Well-equipped laboratories
  • Biola students are sought after both because of solid academic training and a lifestyle commitment that makes for a good employee

What can I do with a degree in Physical Science?

  • Technical Jobs
  • Aerospace Technician
  • Teaching

What are BU Physical Science graduates doing now?

Biola graduates from the Physical Science major have gone on to study at the following graduate schools:

USC, UC Davis, Cal Tech, UCSD, UCI, Indiana U, Cornell

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